Adrian Ward

6-8 April
10am-6pm Workstation Gallery

'Creativity is passe. We don't concern ourselves with the production of the final artefact any more. We are programmers now. Programming is the basic concept of trying to break whatever processes you normally undertake into codable, smaller tasks. By thinking of our own artistic inspirations and aesthetic judgements (i.e., our creative processes), we can start to produce code that reproduces our creative output. It's just automated, that's all.

These programs are extensions of our creativity. When you run them, ask yourself "who is the author/artist"? If the computer is generating the music by itself, is _it_ being creative? Was the programmer the author/artist? Are _you_, the user, being creative? Is your application of the program the creative genius? Does the author/artist still exist any more?

Generative Art asks all these questions and gets us to rethink what we normally consider to be creative. These toys and tools are provided for your enjoyment, and to get you thinking about the possibilities of automated creativity.' (Adrian Ward)

Adrian Ward graduated from the Media Lab at Plymouth University and has worked on a number of interactive audio works for both the web and installations. He will be presenting and talking about his work as part of Digital Space at the Showroom Cinema Saturday 8th April 2-6pm