Digital Space Audio

6-8 April
10.00am-6.00pm Workstation Gallery

In the first phase of the Digital Space Programme Lovebytes commissioned nine pieces of sound art which are represented on the audio disc of the Digital Space CD + CD ROM. Where possible the work was produced in residence at the Lovebytes Lab. The resulting collection is just a taste of the way digital sound processing is becoming a common factor among artists from very diverse backgrounds and involved in previously unrelated areas of "music".

Rob Baker. Programmed by M Fell (UK)

Rob Baker was previously a member of The Anti Group (1987-1992) whose main concern was to investigate the psycho-physical properties of sound. Also a member of Clockdva (Contempo Records 1990-93) and Premium Leisure commissioned to produce Remote Systems (1998) for HyperTribes. Mark Fell is one half of snd (mille plateaux) and shirt trax (touch/or). He is involved with the phonic art course at Hull School of Art and Design. Ngoma was produced at the Lovebytes Lab, December 1999.

kreen-akrore (parts 2,3+4) spiral dust mix [MP3 - 736k]
Kim Cascone (US)
Kim Cascone studied at Berklee College of Music and the New School in New York City. Worked with David Lynch as Assistant Music Editor on both Twin Peaks and Wild at Heart. Founded Silent Records in 1986, which became the U.S.'s premier electronic music label. He sold the company in early 1996 to pursue his love of sound design working for Thomas Dolby's company Headspace. Currently he is working for Staccato Systems as a Voicing Engineer designing new sounds using an object oriented sound development tool called SynthBuilder.

Since 1980, Kim has released more than 15 albums of electronic music and has worked as a collaborator and producer on numerous projects Cascone's compositions have been performed at the International Computer Music Conference, CalArts Electronic Music Festival, Woodstockhausen Music Festival. His latest CD is titled "cathodeFlower" and is published by Mille Plateaux/Ritornell.

Kim Cascone will be performing at the festival (Sat 8 8.15pm) and talking about his work as part of the Digital Space Presentation (Sat 8 2-6pm).

It's Funner To Compute [MP3 - 576k]
Smyglyssna (aka Henrik Johansson) (Sweden)
Henrik Johansson grew up on a small Swedish Island and began making electronic music in his mid-teens. His musical background owes more to video games and homecomputers than traditional instruments, although his interest in music goes beyond the electronic. 'Smyglyssna' began as a project for light ambient electronica but now represents a range of more experimental work which is equally easy to digest. Smyglyssna has released work on labels such as Plug Research, Leaf and Delirium. His debut album as Henrik Johansson, Ellipticiteter (meme), is made up of pro-silence and anti structure tracks recorded between 1996-98. He does not in any way cite the Scandinavian climate as an influence. It's Funner To Compute was produced in the Lovebytes Lab, December 1999.

Henrik Johansson will be performing at the festival (Fri 7 9.45pm).

Out There And Beyond
Adrian Moore (UK)

Adrian Moore is a composer and Lecturer in Music at Sheffield University where he directs the Sheffield University Sound Studios (SUSS). He is also a director of Sonic Arts Network ( the national association of composers, performers, teachers and others interested in the creative use of technology in the composition and performance of music. Other works by Adrian Moore are available on the CD 'Traces' (empreintes DIGITALes) You can also listen to his work on-line and find more information at

Proto-Music 1
Shawn Bell (Canada)

Shawn Bell is a musician, multimedia specialist and educator. He is especially interested in how human computer interaction and complexity theory can enhance the creative proccess in the arts. He has worked in the multimedia field for six years as a specialist for Arena Communications, and Mongeau, Chen et Associés. His work includes interface conception, design and implementation, scripting, graphic design, sound design and training. He is presently teaching at Dawson College in Montréal and leads multimedia workshops for teachers.

His recent work includes 'Voices from the Edge of Chaos' (1998) a CD of self organising computer music, generated with modelling techniques used to study complex systems. He has performed solo (classical guitar) in small ensembles, collaborated with theatre troupes and the Concordia Electroacoustic Composer's Group and has conducted orchestras most notably for the opening of the Labrador Winter Games. Shawn Bell worked in residence at the Lovebytes Lab, November 1999.

Cul-De-Sac [MP3 - 640k]
Team Doyobi (UK)

Team Doyobi are Chris Gladwin and Alex Peverett. They have worked collaboratively for over four years on numerous projects involving elements of sound, video, installation and performance. 'Team Doyobi' reperesents their current exploration into experiemnetal forms of composition and the art of popular music through digital audio technologies. They have releases on Fat Cat Records, Metroplex and are currently working on a project for One Little Indian Records.
Team Doyobi are performing at Lovebytes on Friday 7 April 8.30pm.

Metal Machine Love Component ^001
Hot Snack (UK)

Hot snack was conceived specifically for the digital space commission. The machine was built by A Macgregor and P Fletcher (cross platform) in the Lovebytes Lab, December 1999. A Magregor previously worked as part of V/VM, and currently works as a part of Speedranch^Jansky Noise. Paul Fletcher works as one of the Veilgud Brothers and also works as a location sound recordist for film.
Various incarnations of Hot Snack can be seen over the three days of the Lovebytes Festival.

Scanner+Tonne (UK)

Scanner+Tonne will be exhibiting their work Audible Communities (Sound Units) in The Workstation gallery 6-8 April.

A Quiet Intimacy Mirrors Distance [MP3 - 736k]
Terre Thaemlitz (US)
Terre Thaemlitz' longstanding interest in electronic music quickly led him to DJ-ing in underground transexual clubs, where he was presented with an Underground Grammy Award by the House of Magic in 1991. In 1992, he began focusing on producing his own tracks which expanded on his concept of DJ-ing as a form of tape manipulation and started his own record label, Comatonse Recordings, which continues to demonstrate his commitment to underground club DJ's by only using audiophile vinyl for 12" releases. Thaemlitz has also worked as an independent producer with such labels as Mille Plateaux (Germany), Daisyworld (Japan) and Caipirinha Productions (US).
Terre Thaemlitz will be performing at the festival (Sat 8 - 9.30pm) and talking about his work as part of the Digital Space Presentation (Sat 8 2-6pm).