6-8 April
10am-6pm Workstation Gallery

A bunch of happy pixels by Tom Flemming and Chiara Grandesso

The colour of a voice brings back memories of a particular kind, a hue, a shade, a minutiae of our conversation. Talking of colour but speaking in shades. One triggers the other.

Looking at the words I begin to gradually listen to the little sounds that comprise each of their sounds, the syllables, the small breaks between an uttering. Now the language changes and it begins to be apart from meaning. It is a bunch of sounds that begin to assemble themselves in my ear. Not knowing what the meaning is, but hearing the tonal shades as they slip from orange to brown.

The words were just like skyscrapers, each trying to talk to one another about the floors of their own building.

Phonolingua, speaking with phonetic colours, just like making a word and mapping it to a field of colour.

Tom Flemming graduated from The Royal College of Art's Electronic Media Arts course in 1996 and has exhibited work in the UK and America. He will be presenting and talking about his work as part of Digital Space at the Showroom Cinema Saturday 8th April 2-6pm