Audible Communities: Scanner+Tonne

6-8 April
10am-6pm Workstation Gallery

Audible Communities is a series of sound toy utilities that exist as stand alone applications, the interaction between sound and image being one that continues to develop, both as art toys, games, interactive environments, utilities, soundbanks on a variety of platforms.

These units of interaction bring together a new relationship to the creation of music and musical instruments, the enjoyment and participation of music and audience and the relationship between music and image (usually formatted as packaged music/sound.)

As performance tools Scanner+Tonne are interested in bringing together a new synthesis between the sound and the associated image. Played live as sound and image instruments, music is controlled and constructed by various sound units. Sound and its corresponding image and performance is dependent upon acoustic phenomena. An audience responds to and with it. Understanding 'how' the technology works is less important than for an audience to be able to very rapidly comprehend how their actions can play and effect this work and in so doing reflects the conceptual shift that new technologies have played in one's shifting concept of live art.

With his work as Scanner, Robin Rimbaud implicates himself in the processes of surveillance, engendering access to both technology and language and the power games of voyeurism. Tonne (Paul Farrington) graduated from the Royal College of Art and works as both graphic designer and artist. Scanner+Tonne have collaborated on a number of projects including Sound Polaroids which has been exhibited at the ICA and Montreal.