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UPDATE 8th MAY 1996

mTropolis 1.0 Demonstration

Keith Gould from Apple UK will be Joined by Ian McMillan from mFactory Inc.

2pm Thursday 9th May
The Showroom

Keith Gould from Apple UK will be showing latest versions of Quicktime 2.2 and Quicktime Musical Instruments along with examples of Quicktime VR.

Keith will also be joined by Ian McMillan from mFactory - provider of award-winning multimedia software tools. Ian will be presenting mTropolis, the first high performance, object orientated authoring system for building highly interactive, mutimedia games and applications for use on Macintosh and Windows-based Personal computers.



UPDATE 1st MAY 1996

Emotional Computing
- Art moves in the digital domain.

Emotional Computing is a world first for digital art - twelve 1 megabyte multimedia art works specially commissioned to be distributed via the internet. This diverse collection was commissioned by The Arts Council of England's Hub Club. The brief was to engage with the user at a conceptual or emotional level through the use of digital media. These innovative new works will be premiered at Lovebytes '96. Each of the pieces can be downloaded from the Hub Club world wide website.

An exclusive limited edition CD ROM containing all the Emotional Computing commissions along with exclusive web browser software will be available FREE to visitors to a special Hub Club presentation by Richard Gooderick of the Arts Council who will be joined by award winning CD ROM authors Peter Small and Alan Snow at the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield 1.30 pm Friday 10 May
- call 0114 275 7727 to book tickets (alan snow will also be presenting his dog simulator PAWS 10.30am Fridal 10 May).

The Hub was created in May '95 to support the creative use of desktop computers. Regular meetings take place in London and Bristol. The Hub Club will be celebrating the first birthday of The Hub Club at Lovebytes and launching the Yorkshire Hub. You can find more information about the Hub Club from

For more details you can contact Richard Gooderick at the Arts Council on 0171 333 0100 or call Lovebytes Festival on 0114 275 9330. For further information about other events at the Lovebytes festival in Sheffield 4 - 10 May 1996


Friday 10th May - 10.30

Alan Snow will present his award winning CD Rom, PAWS (Personal Automated Wagging System) and work in progress on interactive CD ROMs from Aardman Animation.

Alan Snow is an illustrator and animator who, for his sins, became involved in multimedia some six years ago. Since then he has worked on a large number of projects including Peter Gabriel's Xplora and PAWS, as well as design work for Sony, Apple and the BBC. He is currently working with Aardman Animation - his first project with Aardman was designing the software for Morph's Computer.

Having spent some 12,000 hours beating his head against the 'Box' he has reached a point that lesser masochists might never have reached. Those who want to learn a little of the truth of multimedia production will find interest in his experience. He is now trying to find better ways to do animation on computers and combining 3D traditional stop-frame animation with computer techniques.

CALL THE BOOKING HOTLINE 0114 275 7727 open from 4pm each day.



4th - 10th May

An interactive multimedia advent calender concealing explorable spaces - each day revealing new signs that enmesh the viewer in a growing megalomania.

'Advent', is an interactive journey into the 25 days preceding the birth of something messianic. The journey is set in and around the shoreline of a mythic river and takes the form of a fictional personal diary.

At the heart of the piece is an advent calender. This calender being similar to the type that can be bought at Xmas, 25 different small windows concealing images relating to the story of the nativity.

On this Advent calender are a series of dates which conceal explorable spaces. When one of these dates is selected by the user the screen dissolves to reveal a range of images, sounds and objects. The entire sequence of days being linked together by a series of texts taken from a diary which forms the story. This advent story is very different from the Christian story, involving the descent of an anonymous individual into self-deification. Each day revealing new signs that lead them (and the viewer) to become more enmeshed in a growing megalomania.

Occasional clues to this story will appear as hidden on-screen buttons that allow the user to locate and explore new dimensions of a particular image or object. Although the themes of the piece are complex and non-visual, they will be illustrated by a range of still and moving images from along the waterfront and its hinterland, depicting the strangeness inherent in a close examination of urban artifacts. Showing a sequence of details of the architecture, machinery and monuments of late 20th century England, at the end of the industrial revolution.




We are very pleased to be able to announce a late addition to the festival exhibitions programme and an additional venue for Lovebytes 96.

Base Metal into Gold by the sculptor James Wallbank will be on show at the Sheffield Independent Film Studio, Brown Street from the 7th - 17th May. This new work was originally commissioned to mark 60 years of the Borough of Scunthorpe. The theme of metalic alchemy is also very relevant to Sheffield's histroric steel industry.

Base Metal to Gold by James Wallbank was commissioned by Scunthorpe Borough Council. This exhibition is sponsored by Sheffield Independent Film.

The new venue for this work will be Sheffield Independent Film which is a membership organisation providing broadcast film and video facilities and a production base for film and video artists and production companies. Also at Sheffield Independent Film Studio will be Still IRL by the Norwegian artist Johnny Yen. Johnny will also be visiting the festival on Wednesday 8 May to present a special video conferencing event linking up with Atelier Nord in Oslo, for a live performance and arts venues in Japan and New York. The Sheffield Independent Film studio is just a minutes walk from the Workstation and Site Gallery.

Johnny Yen's Still IRL at Lovebytes 96 is funded by The Arts Council of England International Initiatives Programme.

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