For Forced Entertainment:

Creative Team
Tim Etchells (Artistic Director/Project Leader)
Richard Lowdon
Cathy Naden
Robin Arthur
Terry O´Connor
Claire Marshall

Deborah Chadbourn (General Manager)
Verity Leigh (Adminstrator)
Michelle McGuire (YHAB/PATH administration trainee)

For Bytehaus:
Claudia Delgado
Todd Reidy
Ray Delgado
Mary Agnes

For more information about Forced Entertainment please visit our website at: .

Paradise is a commission by Lovebytes as part of the Channel Metropolis series, funded by the Arts Council of England.

How to Contribute:
Choose a building. Write a text for it.
Mail the text to: forced entertainment
It may take a day or two before your text appears.

PARADISE is a notional city born in a time of diversity and contradiction - there are no restrictions on the content, coherence, style or length of text contributions to the project.