PARADISE is the plans
for a deserted metropolis,
waiting to be filled.
Each of its one thousand
imaginary buildings is
the location for some
untold story, some
unspoken dialogue, some
as-yet-unmade theory,
some unscrawled poem,
some unlived life...

PARADISE invites you
to explore - read its stories,
search its streets.

PARADISE invites you
to write - to fill its buildings,
write its dreams.

PARADISE is a web project
initiated by the innovative
UK arts ensemble
Forced Entertainment
and realised with
the support of the
multimedia design team

Paradise is a commission
by Lovebytes as part of the
Channel Metropolis series,
funded by the Arts Council
of England.



Choose a building.
Write a text for it.
Mail the text to:
forced entertainment

Occupied buildings are signified
by a mark at the lower right of the building.
It may take a day or two
before your text appears.

PARADISE is a notional city
born in a time of diversity
and contradiction - there are no
restrictions on the content,
coherence, style or length
of text contributions to the project.