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DSP2 - Volatile Media DVD/DVDROM

A limited edition DVD VIDEO and DVD ROM hybrid disc, featuring new digital film and multimedia work specially commissioned by Lovebytes and published here for the first time, along with 20 episodes of the Butler Brothers acclaimed animated series Workgroup Alpha [courtesy of Channel 4 Television].

The disc has two parts - a conventional DVD Video track for viewing on a DVD player and an interactive data track for Mac/PC - featuring experimental short film, animation, and interactive projects by the following influential sound and video artists:

DVD Video Tracks

1.Interstices - There Was A Girl / There Was A Boy
Terre Thaemlitz

Duration 17m 47s
Selected text, images, and music investigating the interstices between genders, sexual orientations, and other identity constructs.

2. Amen ICA Cinema
Steve Hawley

Duration 10m 09s
A palindromic video that explores the magical power and absurdity of things that go forward and backwards.

3. Soft Ocean Hotel
Alex Peverett

Duration 16m 38s
A computer generated abstract 'video music' composition of pixelated textures, patterns, gradients and 'colour rhythms' fused with electronic audio.

4. We Edit Life
People Like Us

Duration 10m 07s
Re-contextualising found footage with a surrealistic edge, Vicki Bennett takes a journey into the world of digital video 'cut and paste' collage.

5. Genitron
Butler Brothers

Duration 15m 46s
The internal musings of a database. Abstract visuals, spoken word, and electronic tonalities adapted from an interactive installation exploring the capabilities of the DVD medium.


6. Workgroup Alpha (Episodes 1-20)
Butler Brothers

Duration 31m 42s
20 episodes of this award winning animated series originally commissioned for E4
[Published with kind permission from Channel 4 Television]

7. Freefactory
Freeform and Matt Pyke

Originally developed for live performance, the Freefactory is a software based live audio/visual improvisational tool whereby each musical gesture is represented graphically.


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